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Organizing Committee

CICLA 2019

ALCALA - Local Organizer in collaboration with University TEC of Costa Rica

It is a non-profit association, which operates under the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica. It was founded on the occasion of the realization of the first CILCA, namely CILCA 2005, which was held in April 2005 in San José Costa Rica. He is a founding member of the Ibero-American Life Cycle Network (RICV). ALCALA is responsible for organizing CILCA 2019, a task that it carries out with the support of officials and representatives of various public and private sector organizations in Costa Rica.


ALCALA and the OC professionals support the formation of a National Life Cycle Network in Costa Rica, made up of organizations interested in the ACV in the country. It is expected that CILCA2019 will contribute to the consolidation of this RedACV. The professionals of the CO come from one or more of the entities whose logos are presented below:

RICV - International Organizer

It is an association, in the process of registration under the laws of the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín, Colombia, and which groups various organizations, particularly national life cycle organizations and organizations that promote issues related to the life cycle in Latin American countries.


Among its objectives is the promotion of life cycle thinking and the strengthening of National Life Cycle Analysis Networks of several Ibero-American countries for which, among others, the International Life Cycle Conference takes place on a biennial basis in the region. The implementation of CILCA2019 is carried out in conjunction with the organizing committee of Costa Rica.

Members of the Organizing Committee CILCA 2019 


The following professionals participate in the Organizing Committee (C0):

Ana Quirós (General Coordinator), Ana Lorena Arias (Co-coordinator), Kathia Alfaro (Secretary), John Solano (Communication Committee Leader), Manrique Arguedas and Roberto Quirós (Leaders Scientific Committee), Luis Guillermo (Finance Committee), Laura Barrantes (support scientific committee), Miriam Córdoba (support), Marcela Fernández (support) and Seidy Alfaro and Luis Rodríguez (observers).


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Director of Environmental Management TEC COSTA RICA

Recognized expert in environmental management with emphasis on water resources. The Costa Rican Technological professor introduced and leads the Life Cycle theme in the environmental management department of this prestigious state university. Ana co-organizes the launch of CILCA2019.




tel. +506 89190937 Costa Rica

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Ana is founder and currently vice-president of ALCALA, association that leads, through the management of the engineer Quirós, the organization of CILCA2019. He is also president of the consulting company EGO GLOBAL and since 2013 he also chairs and directs the Green Building Council of Costa Rica, an NGO that annually holds the International Congress of Sustainable Cities.


She is a founding member of the Ibero-American Life Cycle Network (RICV). An enthusiastic promoter of Life Cycle thinking, she developed and was in charge of the implementation of the first CILCA, which was carried out with great success in April 2005 in Costa Rica.



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